Counselling Contract Example

Being able to present a sound, watertight counselling contract example that is easily understood by both client and therapist can only be beneficial to the client-counsellor relationship. The ethical considerations of a client are now more important than ever, and adhering to the latest just as much so.

At , our counselling contract example template is designed not only to adhere to these , taking the ethical concerns of each and every client to heart, but insures practitioners against the legal issues that go hand in hand with poorly written agreement forms.

Our counselling contract example template does each of the following:

• Comprehensively conforms to the required ethical framework
• Provides a basis for
• Enables flexibility and is adaptable for clients or groups with specific requirements
• Likewise, it is usable from all theoretical standpoints
• Is acceptable to professional indemnity insurers

On top of all of this, our counselling contract example is written in plain English and is for your peace of mind.

While the majority of practices and sole practitioners have developed a and other legal paperwork to some degree, the truth remains that psychotherapists and counsellors are not legal professionals, and as a result cannot be expected to be au fait with that comes with a client agreement form. Every piece of legal small print needs to be considered, especially to those practitioners offering their services over Skype or online with clients inhabiting different legal jurisdictions.

While never a pleasant subject to consider, everything from legal jurisdiction to potential litigation needs to be covered before entering into a standard form agreement with a client. It is highly advisable, therefore, to use a counselling contract example such as ’s very own template to aid you while putting together your client contracts and agreements. Put together by professionals with more than half an eye on legality, our unique template acts as a safeguard against legal issues and shoddy contracts.

You can view a – this will give you an idea not only of the kind of language used, but also the general style and layout of the template. The full version of this counselling contract example can be purchased either on a subscription basis or as a hard copy, .

You want to do what is best for both yourself as a practitioner and your valued clients, and our highly detailed form of agreement template is not only easy to understand and use, but offers unparalleled peace of mind.
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