A Counselling Contract Sample is Crucial

Due to the highly sensitive and personal relationship that invariably exists between counsellors and clients, having a clear, easily fathomable set of counselling forms is paramount. This is why here at Calm Counselling we make a concerted effort ensure our counselling contract sample framework conforms to the ethical principles set out in the latest BACP ethical framework. In turn, this gives you the confidence that each counselling contract template you draft follows the same ethical framework.

As a given, a properly written and professional counselling contract should do the following:

• Clearly set out the counselling process
• Ensure the counsellor or psychotherapist’s qualification details are visible and accessible
• Stress the nature of the mutual client-counsellor commitment, outlining the boundaries of the therapeutic relationship

On top of this, each contract should be written in clear, concise English as a matter of course and conform to the aforementioned BACP guidelines. For a clearer idea of the technicalities of this framework and the general format please take a closer look at the short counselling contract sample available to view online.

Counsellors and psychotherapists are not the most legally minded people in general, and neither are our clients. Yet even given the sensitive nature of the therapeutic process, every client should be engaged through a counselling contract that must be clear, understandable, thorough legally sound setting the boundaries and explaining the counselling process. It makes sense, therefore, to work with a framework that ensures that all legalities and ethics are considered

Our counselling forms framework can be used by novices and seasoned professionals alike, and provides improved safeguards and consistency in the profession, which should reduce the potential for harmful legal discourse. A great way for somebody relatively new to the profession to get their head around the framework would be to order a single, laminated cover of the standard form of agreement as a sort of counselling contract sample. This will enable them to experiment with the options prior to subscribing to the electronic version

To recap, our standard form of Agreement is clear, understandable and malleable enough for a specific therapist or agency to add his or her own nuances. The counselling forms are also compressive and helpful to professional indemnity insurers.

For more information, why not take a look at our very own counselling contract sample? It will help you get to grips with the framework, formatting and general theme of our service. Our ethically sound, Crystal Mark Approved standard form of Agreement is affordable, flexible and easy to use. Either subscribe for up to 200 downloads per annum or order a hard copy today!

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