Counselling Forms Template

Counselling forms are a pre-requisite for any productive client-counsellor relationship, and making sure they are in order from both an ethical and legal point of view are now more important than ever. To insure against any of the potentially damaging legal issues that can come with a poorly constructed client agreement, it is a great idea to work from a pre-existing counselling form framework.

Here at Calm Counselling, our client agreement framework is Crystal Mark approved and conforms to the latest BACP guidelines. It is also flexible and easy to understand, designed with your ease in mind when it comes to putting together your own counselling forms.

Here are a few of the benefits of our counselling forms template:

• Comprehensive and conforms to ethical requirements
• Provides a basis for informed consent
• Clearly sets down boundaries to the therapeutic relationship
• Flexible and adaptable, allowing each specific practitioner to add his or her own nuances
• Usable from all theoretical standpoints
100% legally sound

Our counselling forms template can be used by everyone, be you a relative novice or a seasoned professional, to draft a comprehensive counselling contract. You can take complete peace of mind from the fact that we have considered both your wellbeing as a practitioner and the ethical concerns of your clients. By putting together your own counselling forms with our template, you can take the first step on the often hard to navigate path to complete counselor-client trust.

As mentioned, our counselling forms template is completely legally sound for the benefit of both practitioner and client. Due to the highly sensitive nature of each individual client-counsellor relationship, the legal requirements of counselling forms, especially when it comes to tricky issues like relationship boundaries and informed consent, are paramount. Counsellors and psychotherapists are not legal professionals and mistakes can be made, hence why we ensure our counselling forms template provides a safeguard against such errors.

To get a better idea of our counselling forms template, take a look at the counselling forms extract available here. If you feel that our template could be beneficial to you professionally, you can purchase it either on a subscription basis or order it in the form of a hard copy.

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